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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Janet Reid, Literary Agent: Query Question: setting

Janet Reid, Literary Agent: Query Question: setting

It is not about Canada. It's about structural linguistics, semiotics... and dreams.

Yes, everybody is crying out loud, demanding a Query Shark book, correct? Like the Query Shark's charitable work with her chum bucket and Jet Reid blogs is not enough for us - philistines and rookies...

Several weeks ago, I came across a Tweet: "I read my books to my cat... because he does not criticize. Purr-fect!"

This verbal excrement, excuse me, was Retweeted to 60.5 thousand people. So, there is a market for feline bad prose, after all... If her cat is gray, she is in the magic kingdom all right.

Sic transit gloria mundi...

Yet I just laugh and reread a couple of favorite articles on constitutional idiots. I both have and represent target audiences who do not rely on feline abilities to do literary critique for a living.

Revenons à nos moutons. How about a Janet Reid biography? A Janet Reid Wikipedia page?

Our beloved sharkoguru is shamelessly underrepresented in the wider world. Recently, I have met three or four people who asked: "Who is Janet Reid?"

Well, normally, those are people who have no idea what "Who is John Galt?" means.

May The Force give us long years and have us prosper, Ms. Reid. With your permission, I will be your biographer in several decades. Your servant, ma'am.

P.S. It makes me wonder... why is no one mentioning Russian bears in these blog post comments? :)