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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ballads of Beauty. 4. "Tenderness is a word seldom said."

Tenderness is a word seldom said
Love is a stand in the vanity fair
No one stops by as it’s thought to be dead
There is nothing to give, there is nothing to share

But I will tell you I love you
Without hoping to hear the same
I’ll keep telling you that I love you
Without you even knowing my name

I am just a face in the crowd
Nothing more than a shade on you portrait
I can shout of my love out loud
I can keep it inside and be tortured

By the distance that keeps me away
By the silence that’s like execution
If you come, I will ask you to stay
If we part, I will find a solution

To be found in an ocean of pain
To be saved and to act as a saver
To protect from despair and disdain
Just live on… I will live in your favor.

© 2009. Anastasia Duchevski