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Monday, September 1, 2014


URBI ET PLANETAE - Latin for "To The City and To the Planet"

Plan for the future Anastasia Foundation

Type: NGO with commercial outlets for self-funding

First stage: 1. Gaining social resonance. 2. Developing the language services line, the literary&entertainment line and other lines for own-business-angel start-up investments.

Subsequent projects - step by step:

Cities of Men project (1):

Knowledge City - kindergarten, school, lyceum, university, grad and post-grad programs - hub with free admission for very talented young people and paid admission for the rest.

Academic City - research facilities with focus on: environment and sustainable development, cancer studies, waste management, chemistry, GMO and Human Genome research.

Medical City - free hospital and clinic hub, general medicine.

Shelter City - free bed-and-board hub for homeless persons. Chain of small shelters but with very wide global geographic footprint, especially in the underdeveloped regions.

Virtue City - free scholarship and academic hub for religious studies, studies of beliefs and mythologies, and programs for promoting social awareness of religious intolerance and xenophobia; programs for religious tolerance promotion.

Sin City 18+ - free entertainment and virtual-reality hub under the official non-public motto: "Rather than fighting primordial, morally doubtful yet natural urges of society, isolate them."

Good Mental Health Village - free specialized clinic and home for persons with mental disabilities.

Run Up Camp - free sports facilities for underprivileged children. Same principle as Shelter City.

After this is done, proceed to (2):

The Fields of Gold project: At this stage, headhunt for best minds.

Agropurity: responsible plant and animal growth. Connect: ACity research results.

Beach ≠ Wasteland: tackle the problem of plastic in the oceans. Hopefully, in 15 years, @SaveOcean etc. (connect) will solve part of the problem. Tackle waste management issues.

Just Breathe: atmospheric pollution. Connect: well, by then, I'll find an NGO or two to connect to, I guess... 

After this is done, proceed to (3):

Orbi et Universum - (Lat.) To the Globe and to the Universe: space programs funding.

The Future Tour: guided tours and excursions program for the Foundation facilities to attract tourist money.

Example of NGO+biz outlet: free school with books&stationery boutique.

Anastasia's idea, but Not Copyrighted. Everyone is welcome to do it.

P.S. I am serious. I kinda had my fill of designer dresses and gourmet dinners in my language services specialist years. Time to invest in good will... and goodwill. This entire enterprise will be based on principles of self-endowment and self-funding, without too much black-tie hoopla. With re-investable profit, too, if we're lucky.