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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ballads of Beauty. 5. "Somebody as mad as me".

What would you do with somebody as mad as me?
You swept me away with a glance and devilish glee

You’re teasing me
You’re pleasing me
You are the best player
I’m even better at play
You are a heart-slayer
I’ve got nothing left to slay

A natural winner, I’m taking you over, so what?
In this battle we’ll both lose more than just blood

You’re taunting me
You’re haunting me
Smart and relentless
Sharp like a poisoned lance
Pleasure is endless
A carnal and deathly dance

I’d like to break free, but freedom is loveless and void
And you’re not someone whose desire I’d want to avoid

You’re tearing me
You’re wearing me
Bold and destructive
Dark blessing bestowed upon me
And I am your captive
You love me. Where else could I be?

© 2009. Anastasia Duchevski