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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ballads of Beauty. 6. "Rainy Day Reggae"

Tribute to Lou Reed

Rainy Day Reggae

Rain is a bummer, that’s some rain
But every morning’s a sunrise, so take the pain
To get up and smell the coffee, and fry up some bread
Smile! It’s too gorgeous a day to spend it in bed

Put on some denim and fancy shoes
Pick up your funny red Moschino umbrella
Feel it yourself and keep on telling your fellows
It’s time for some reggae; it’s time to give up the blues

It’s rainy day reggae
I don’t need the sun to feel good
It’s my rainy day reggae
I go reggae-ing all over the neighborhood

Go walking cool with spring in step
Have a kebab and Coke on a busy street corner
To the horns of the cars sing a la Tina Turner
So what if you tap on the street? Go on baby, tap!

Then, movie and dinner, cab and home
Kiss at the door under the clouded raining dome
Classic a-date with someone you’d love to be with
Who’d turn all your pains in a barely remembered myth.

© 2010. Anastasia Duchevski