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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ballads of beauty. 12. "Learn to forget".

Learn to forget, when you’re tired, and lonely, and thrown
Learn to forget, when in darkness you’re numb and alone
It is not a mistake to love
As the pain is digging a cove
In the very flesh of your heart
And you feel it is torn apart
By the shards of deception, as cold as it ever can get
You are blessed, if you’re able to move on and truly forget

Learn to be strong, when nobody is lending you strength
Learn to be strong, when the demons are pacing at length
On the alleyways of your life
Only you can win in this strife
Every sunrise’s at first just a beam
Every glory’s at first just a dream
The battle no matter how hard, the wounds no matter how deep
The beloved may go, but your love is something you keep.

© 2010. Anastasia Duchevski