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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ballads of beauty. 2. "Your sun is rising over my dark worlds".

Your sun is rising over my dark worlds
Your wind has blown away my sands of past
I had no future in my cups, and coins, and swords
But then you came along, you came at last

You are my present
My eternal present
Just stay with me
Wherever I’ll be
On road or in fight
Be my guiding light

Your rain put out the fire in my woods
Your land became sweet home for nomad heart
I need your smile to chase away my woes
I need your love, or else I’ll fall apart

Unfading beauty in your eyes I see
Immortal soul that vowed to be all mine
Your rising sun will make my shadows flee
Your gentle rain will bring me peace of mind.

© 2009. Anastasia Duchevski