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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ballads of Beauty. 9. "How did our airplanes fall".

It’s no mean feat
Getting blistered by heat
And cold that conjured the frightening demons of ice
If you call it love, baby, make sure you think twice

It’s no good way
Saying goodbye and stay
You were the dream, the beautiful figment of mind
I was one, too – the blind was loving the blind

How our pretenses have shattered, how did our airplanes fall
How had the glossy paint come off our true intentions
I guess we both had had to remember and mention
The need to keep up the charade or keep nothing at all

Future is lies
The past – consummated desires
Put your cards on the table, feel my scent through the haze
You were too hard to please, I was too hard to amaze

Don’t get me wrong
I have loved you for so long
That inertia crept upon us, and distorted the real
I can’t possibly take it no more, so I’m breaking the deal.

© 2010. Anastasia Duchevski