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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ballads of Beauty.1. "I only have words and strings".

I only have words and strings
To vent out my fury and pain
To box black shadows on rings
Where sinew and muscle are in vain

I’m a fighter for a lost cause
I’m a wise man of waning mind
I am stuck in your sliding doors
You can’t see I love you? You’re blind

You call me a liar
You call me a sham
But I’ll be damned
If I lose you
My lifeblood, my all
Do not let me fall

I only have urge and lust
To prove you I’m actually yours
‘Cause you say words are nothing but dust
And the music’s just making it worse

So take body as body of evidence
If my soul is too small of a gift
Where the image of you’s taking residence
Where the dreams of togetherness drift

You call me a dreamer
You call me a fool
You’re so damn cool
And I’ll lose you
My lifeblood, my all
You did let me fall.

© 2009. Anastasia Duchevski