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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ballads of beauty. 13. "If only I would know".

If Only (I Would Know)

What could I write that you would sing about
What could I say to make it to your world
All tenderness untold
To have and to behold
I will increase tenfold
All of my love for you
You know my words are true
If only I would know what you would sing about

The words escape to freedom from my being
The only way I have to reach to you
They are so weak and few
Oh, if I only knew
Before my yearning grew
Just who you really are
A demon or a star
Before the words escaped to freedom from my being

I will accept all pains and all deceptions
For just a feeble chance to make you mine
My love can’t help but shine
Exquisite and divine
So easy to define
Who are you? I don’t care
As long as love is there
Protecting both of us from pains and from deceptions.

© 2010. Anastasia Duchevski