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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ballads of Beauty. 3. "Did you say it was something true?"

Did you say it was something true?
Did you say the truth when you said it?
You want more than I’ll ever do
And I’d pay a lot just to edit

All your lies from the story of us
All your falsehood and empty pretensions
‘Cause your name’s “violation of trust”
And I’m not going to sell you redemption

But then you come by
Light up my fire
Warm up my bed
And I’m over and dead

You can’t tell a diamond from gravel
But you want me; should I be pleased?
You are quicksand on roads I travel
‘Tis hard to fight you; you’re like a disease

You are lethal, but I’m a survivor
You are pain, but I killed all my nerves
Love is rearing her head of a viper
It’s not mine anymore, it’s all yours.

© 2009. Anastasia Duchevski