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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Zarathustra Laughing. "Morning Stars" Album. By Duczewska and Schnapps.

Here comes the sun, they say
It burns our skins, they say
No, I say, it's not true
Wrong and wronger

It burns our eyes
Our souls, our spirits
Killing us and
Making us stronger


Thus laughs Zarathustra
Fire, from the sky free fire
Thus speaks Zarathustra
Of murder and of desire
Thus speaks Zarathustra
Thus laughs Zarathustra
Thus shouts Zarathustra
Thus dies Zarathustra

We are laughing, we say
Laughing, so hell turns hotter
So heaven freezes over
Pain is gain, they say

Pain is your friend
Zarathustra is laughing
And Christ is your brand
So why are you crying?