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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lips/ November. "Morning Stars" Album. By Duczewska and Schnapps.

Today, all morning
I've been thinking of you
Thoughts lost in the space
Between us and the truth

The truth is
Just an exchange of glances
Just a spark when hands touch
Just lips chapped with kissing

For it's November
Sweet November
And I am here,
And so are you.

My phone service is down
My lips - sleek with NY Colors gloss
And I'm at a loss
For I don't know if you think of me now

For it's November
Bitter November
And I am right here,
But where are you?

Today, all afternoon
I've been thinking of you
Thoughts found in the space
Between us and our youth

Our youth is
Breakfast at De Beers
Dinners at home or the park
Lovemaking in total dark

Lips swollen with thirst
For each other
Eyes dry with independence
Hearts tattooed with "FOREVER"

For it's November
Always November
And I will always be here
Will you be there, too?

So remember me fondly
As I bite my lips with sorrow
For I will not talk to you tomorrow
Will you talk to me?

This lovely November,
This eternal November....