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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Praise to the Stranger. "Morning Stars" Album. By Duczewska and Shnapps.

I was looking for you
In many a stranger's face
Oh Lord, it did not do
I fell out of grace

Chorus 1

I fell out of love
Out of bliss and glory
Adventurous, painful story -
My life before I had met you
In yet another stranger's face.

I am looking for you
In every friend's face
For now, it will do
To blind you with my grace

Chorus 2

To conquer you with my love
To take you with my bliss and glory
Adventurous, brilliant story -
My life now that I see you
In my own Stranger's face.

I will be looking for you
In every cloud shape
Whenever you are away
But please, Stranger, stay....

Chorus 3

Surrender to my love
Let yourself be taken by bliss and glory
Make your own brilliant story
I just want you to be well
As I am your own Stranger's face.