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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rep Bait

Rep Bait:

If you are a Hollywood producer and feel this hoopla would look good on the silver screen, you are more than welcome to try me.

If you are a lit agent sharkstar, you are invited to the FantasyVortex chum-and-bait buffet. I am totally reachable and present in the social media - just click on the "Team" solar cluster.

If you are a biz lit publisher, enter the Metatag Hag's Domain. She is my alter ego co-authoring books on influencer marketing, influencer psychology, social media marketing and management, SEO/SEM, business-to-business etc. A regular biz fish and a baby shark in the making. Trusted partner:

If you are Paul Frommer or David J. Peterson, and need help with your next conlang, here I am! When it comes to linguistics, my passion for constructed languages is blazing ultra.

If you need a SEO writer, have a taste of the chum-and-bait buffet first. By the way, I write content in multiple languages.

If you are a headhunter looking for a dedicated language services specialist, please note that my translations' price is growing as I Tweet.

If you are a fellow author, social actor, technofantasy lover, magically real avid reader or a stranded Valyrian dragon lord, welcome home! It's like a shelter with blackjack and girls, but if you don't like those, just lounge and chillax. You are also welcome to read, laugh, cry, be thrilled, imagine, believe, and have other sorts of fun.

If you are my underage cousin, nephew or godchild, or would like to become one, please do not let me be your source of new swear words! And if I catch you entering a +18 solar cluster, it is me you'll have The Talk with, and in this case, you'll want your mommy, trust me.

If you are a handsome man who'd like to marry me for my money, you'll have to make do with my looks. Or wait a couple of years.

If you are my mother, wow! You are confident enough to surf outside your classmates' site! I am so proud of you!