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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Influencer Marketing 101 - Operate Your Influencer Network. Rule 2

Dear reader,

Today, we continue discussing your influencer network, namely, the social media platforms.

Rule 2. Optimize the social media platforms inside your influencer network

As you will grow as an influencer and a public persona, your presence on the social media arena will grow to a hundred social media networks. You will be able to afford a proprietary social media management platform and your own social media coordinator. But while you're still working on building your presence - and on honing your talent, which, if I may add, should take the lion's share of your time - just link your existing four or five accounts together. It will work just fine. You'll only need to hang out in one of them.

For instance, my own Twitter and Facebook accounts are only closed when I write. For the rest of my waking hours, they're on the background of my life, and every time something interesting, witty, or simply worth sharing comes to my mind, I'm there chirruping about it. I'm not much of a photographer - word is my sword. I add the occasional photo or infographic to illustrate my point, but I use free stock images - always mentioning the author, of course. I don't waste my time creating content that is not my specialization.

Metatag Hag: And one more time for the cheap seats in the back! I know it's an old adage, but Tweeting about what you ate and who you met is a) old b) ineffective. People don't care - unless you're Beyoncé. In a later installment of the IM 101, we will talk about types of top influencer psychology, including celebrities whose flow of mundane happenings is treated like gold by their fans, but we're not there yet.

And I can't say it often enough: be relevant to your own positioning. If you're a musician, 90% of your talk should be related to the industry and what you can do for it - in line with the respective trends and accompanied by the relevant hashtags. Etc. Leave the rest for your personal accounts - if, after reading three chapters of IM 101, you still think you have time for those!

Also, if you have an Instagram or Pinterest account, and something curious gets into your field of vision, click on! Just don't do cats/flowers/food/your own beautiful body parts - the nets are so full of it, it's almost bad form. Filter everything you photograph through these four filters:

- interesting;
- unusual;
- funny;
- worth sharing.

Of course, in my book, there is an exception to every rule, including personal comments and observations. If you insist on informing the world that you're going to eat lunch or go for a walk, a) make it funny or witty b) connect it to a trend, a current affair, and a hashtag, and do it smartly, not just for the sake of hashtagging a bunch of random words.

For example, once I saw someone Tweeting about drinking their morning coffee, and I responded with a little interjection poem - on a personal note, yes, I love writing interjection poetry:

A Friday of an Office Shrimp (this is my euphemism for "office rat" because I find the word "rat" offensive)

Yee-ha-ya-hoo! Umtz-umtz-umtz! Clink!

The person did not react, but other people did, so I made it one of my staples. I add the #poetry hashtags, and post it from time to time - with variations, of course... I try never to repeat myself. I even changed the poem for this chapter, although I'm sure you never heard it.

Sometimes people react, even if it's just a smile, sometimes it's just a Tweet in the Wilderness. My advice is to do the same - make people smile, no matter what medium you use to dress up your ideas. Moreover, make influencers smile. People will associate your name with smiling, and that is a very, very good thing.

Metatag Hag: Even if you think we wandered away from our topic of tools, we didn't. Your wittiness and sense of humor must shine through everything you do. They are your tools as well, even if you photograph cats or write a blog about blue orchids.

Incidentally, HootSuite is good for saving templates, that is, old but good messages you may want to recycle some day. I personally rely on my memory, and social media accounts normally contain archives of whatever you say or post. As for memory, which is also an important tool, you can rely on it only to a certain extent.

Metatag Hag: Right. When the numbers of persons and personalities in your network will reach thousands, trust me, you will have more than enough on your mind, if you're serious about promoting your talent.

If you're present in at least top five, it's enough to build your influencer network. Larger presences are needed in the next phases when your fandom must gain momentum... but that's different.

To be continued...

Thank you!

Anastasia Stratu and The Metatag Hag