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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dear Stephen King, Having a Boyfriend IS Important, not to Mention a Good "First Time"

Although Stephen King says jokingly that Twilight is about the importance of having a boyfriend, and I'm no fan of glittering vampires myself, the role of the first boyfriend in a young woman's life cannot be underestimated.

Caelin’s Awakener mission - teaching a young woman to receive and give pleasure - can have great resonance in a society where many first times  a) are happening too early and b) often turn into botched starts of an unhealthy attitude to sex and a life full of wrong beliefs.

When we are ready and willing to fall in love, our emotional, non-material, empyrean self – the archetype of the Faerie self – is just the soul using the body's ability to give and receive pleasure in order to take the leap in its yearning for love.

So the soul is just rushing headlong to take the leap and dive into that elevating, purifying, enflaming and life-changing opportunity to truly know and care for someone – the feeling that makes senses sharper and colors brighter, that flings us into the heavens, that makes us "hear Puccini in our heads"…

We humans call this love.

Any Awakener man i.e. a more experienced man who initiates his partner into womanhood, knows that it takes only some gentle physical contact, patience and kindness, in order to train a young female body to react the right way. 

Also, it is important to start it with an older, more experienced partner – I’m talking 2-3 years older, not a peer who doesn’t know shit and distorts her sexuality for her entire life with ineptitude, disgusting sweaty fumbling, and pain-causing on a back seat of a car.

It takes a more or less experienced young man to understand the fear of losing virginity to the core and, well, to do everything Caelin does :) As for making men out of boys, Awakener women exist and existed for centuries, specifically for that purpose.

Again, when they made the myth of the Flier, they didn't know biochemistry or sex education, so they made up the faerie Flier prince to highlight the importance of this passage from girlhood to womanhood.

In my story, as it happens many times in life, the Awakener will fall in love with the Awoken. My characters will not only tumble in bed; they will talk and laugh together, and become friends, and he will be her protector and she his inspiration, and separation and trials will give their love story a bittersweet note.

And there will be a happy end... of sorts :)