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Monday, August 18, 2014

Query for CONCEPTION-2013: Chum Unleashed-2

Dear Ms. Requin Reid,

Title: Conception-2013.

Word count: --,000.

Genre: Technofantasy.

Tagline. All stories are true.


Node. Agata "Gatie" Cairn, the white queen on the story's chessboard, finds it easier and easier to choose who to play for:

----- KADE warlords' badassery and trigger-happy attempts to "influence the influencer",
----- Rob Nolementar and his fellow Luminites whose agenda is just as selfish,

... as the need to choose throws her into a charmingly lethal vortex of causes and consequences.

The point. To preserve/tip the balance of the forces as the Last Battle plan fails by the end of Part 1. To prevent/restart the initiative for massive Earth resources stripping in Part 2.

(X) Major psychological setback punctuating the hard decisions Query Shark loves so much/ (Y) Luuuv as primordial choice-determining factor Pick one. Or both.

X. A caring and decent soul's forced loss of impartiality - "Luminites and KADE, all are my own, Rob, but you are protecting me from them!"

Y. Rob Nolementar is her lover, and they are quite crazy about each other, too.

Snarky aside. Yeah, you always find it kinda easy to choose sides... when both sides are asking for the same favor, but only one will obviously whack you afterwards so you won't change your mind.

Who I am. I know you do not require this section, but in classical queries you are supposed to take one paragraph to prove why you are qualified to be an author. So, who am I?

An alter egos convention - not to confuse with multiple personality disorder:

***** Multilingual Fox - speak five, understand three more languages, 16 years in the language services, still love it, although the fire is
embers for: translation | terminology | German and Italian | interpreting | proofreading | revision | management |  lexicology;
still burning hot for: structural linguistics |consulting | negotiator-jitsu | semiotics;
blazing ultra for: constructed languages. Valyrio Engosso Ydrassis?
***** Metatag Hag - when writing articles on social media management and marketing.
***** Lit&Lang Lyceum denizen turned International Business major. 
***** Czarina of Nerds - if ever there was one.
***** Oxford comma fan.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Anastasia Demetra Duchevski-Stratu
Mailing address:

P.S. As long as you've read to this point...

The point where this joke of a query transforms into a joke of a synopsis.

------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<--------- that's the bugger.

Foreword i.e. extract from the future series promo

"With the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook and the development of Project Morpheus by Sony, virtual reality is becoming less virtual and more of a reality.

"Virtual reality will surely transform life - our environment, energy, communications, politics and policies, law, security and defense, military, healthcare, our human rights and freedoms, our entertainment, our international trade and our consumership patterns - including the information we consume. I believe even the geopolitical map of our world will change in the foreseeable future.

"The Sol Vortex as the "true" story of a clash between the real and the imaginary, the objective and the subjective, the physical and the metaphysical - in short, between reality and virtuality, is bound to enrich our literature and philosophy.

"I believe the outreach of this story will take us to the next level in the vortex of our lives, taking us beyond pure pastime. Its motto, All stories are true, will become, for want of better words, truer than ever." Oleg Vorobiov, SEO Analyst and Sol Vortex beta tester

Intro quotes to support the case.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke.

"Technology has replaced God in the Western mind." John Clute, John Grant.


Parties. Hoopla aficionados all.

Heroes. Crazy quilts of smartassity, romanticism, and vice-ridden humanness.

Sidekicks. His is as "soft" as a whore's heart. Hers - a whore, period. Both female. Well-balanced by another male who could outwit a kitsune werefox.

Villains/decision-makers. KADE warlords, the Luminanime cluster elite, and neutral Avguri.

Fifth column. Pheairras - the smartest people in the book. They choose to be big shark in the cold dark rather than small fish in the warm pish. And keep residence in the good clusters while working for the bad one, in line with any regular yuppie dream. 

Aloof and therefore assholeish balance-keepers: The Skydwellers and the Shadow Emperor.

Sources of conflict? A buttload of 'em.

1. The warlords are basically O.K. So what if they want to use Gatie in order to tweak the fates to their own benefit? Everybody wants a place in the sun, let alone in seven suns with lightwaves  convertible to currency.
2. The cluster elite disagrees. Also has different views re: whacking.
3. The Avguri play both sides against the middle. They are known bums who love to assert their awesomeness by methods from stupid to dangerous, which makes you wonder how they manage to climb so high with so few IQ points.
4. The balance-keepers do not fix unbroken things as a matter of principle.
5. Etc.

Where is this going on? On Earth and in the Sol Vortex, a body of realities in Devachan.

What the blazes is the Sol Vortex? The astral-physical system of seven-sun energy clusters Gatie invented. It is corporeal, populated with two conflicting groups, and she's kinda their Creatress. Bit of a god figure, only human with all ensuing snafu.

Smartypants alert and argument pro magical realism element. 
 (Yes, I do know the difference between Knowitallian and English, just like you do.) Devachan does exist. Or so H.P. Blavatsky has us believe. You can find Devachan on Wiki the Magically Real Free Encyclopedia, so the answer to #isthatathing is "yes".

In Sanskrit, Deva means "god" and chan means "dwelling". In a word, Devachan is virtual reality created by powers at various levels of cosmogony. Vladimir Vernadsky has a related concept, "noosphere", the mind sphere of Earth similar to biosphere or troposphere. Sigmund Freud would call it "yearning of Earth's superego". But Devachan sounds best.

What people think. Sy-fy nerds call it parallel reality. But Devachan is much more than a figment of sex-deprived imaginations, to which RealLife is an Error 404 server. As for actual science, to the mass market it is greater fantastics than Daenerys' bleedin' dragons.

Gatie has her own name for it. "Dreamdwell". She also calls Sol Vortex simply "The Vortex", because she is musical, and to her ear, solvortex sounds like the name of a toilet-cleaning spray brand.

What's the book gotta do with it? In Devachan, all the stories of all the authors are tangible objective realities, from Eddur to Gospel to Atlas Shrugged to Grand Theft Auto. The only way to keep them real, should the author pass into posterity i.e. croak, is to have someone else think about it - according to one of my leitmotifs, without minds or imaginations there are no stories or gods.

And? And Rob must help Gatie write a bestselling "true story" of the Sol Vortex, namely, "The Skydwellers' Last Battle". If she manages, that fragile balance of forces will remain stable for a while. If he won't keep her alive, either before or after other Human minds start feeding the story with their imaginations... well, that is a different tale. And if either side contracts another writer to do their bidding, then... that is yet another "true story".

Cause-and-consequence dance. Just like Jack Lemmon tangoing as Daphne, consequence leads. 

  • Rob takes a Link to Toronto and prepares the battle plan while building fame for his Luminite rock band,

as he finds that his voice, quite regular for an amateur Vortex Vagrant, on Earth can get him quite a bit of money and power;

  • contacts The Chief, Gatie's boss, and arranges for their would-be-accidental encounter in Montreal, then

observes her and gradually falls for her over cappuccino at Books et CafĂ© and on park dates, while KADE Emissaries bite their nails in frustration - they were so close!

  • watches over her and has his companions guard her house in Brossard, as

Gatie uploads her Sol Vortex drafts and notes to her little blog, having no idea that this fact will start a 10-story series avalanche,

  • invites Gatie to vacation in Prague as the KADE threat reaches critical mass, where

he barely gets to tug her out of the paws of a KADE Emissary kidnapper and receives unexpected support from an incognito red-gold beam wielder

  • dispatches her back home and goes to the Romanian Carpathians, where

he builds a barrier around a Link to prevent massive leakage of KADE Spawn and takes crap over mentagraphic comm lines from his father who doesn't want him to fall for the Creatress - for obvious reasons;

  • finds Gatie in Montreal on a hospital bed with shattered leg bones after Ursi Pheairra had almost killed her in a pub toilet, then

finds the Pheairra and learns why she did it, then curses himself as she escapes;

  • humors his girlfriend, and on the way to the Mont-Tremblant ski resort

a Mercedes minivan full of KADE jarheads showers them with black plasma balls, and Gatie's roommate Lena Holgersson is compelled to reveal her Luminite identity as Lenatireya Norui, Level 4 wielder of Odin's Whip, aka the incognito red-gold beam wielder;

  • after getting intel from Lena that another Link was breached and the place is swarming with KADE Spawn, puts them on a flight to Greece, but while transferring in Paris,

Gatie is kidnapped and he goes crazy until his Ring of Togetherness points him to Archer's apartment where Gatie is recovering after bribing her way out with her own Ring and living hobo for a month;

  • goes on European tour with his rock band (he finds his Vortex Vagrant hobby can make him a lot of money on Earth, you see), while

Gatie is writing the Skydwellers' Last Battle in the Greek island paradise and transitions from her idealist infatuation with Rob to normal mature person's love;

  • comes back to make peace with Gatie and continues the tour with her, then, realizing he must take care of her future, sets up her meeting with her ex Austin while in St. Petersburg,

but the meeting is curt and quick as she rushes back, worrying and suspecting the truth because she can feel his powers ebbing away as prolonged stays under a single sun are harmful for his system used to the light of the Seven, then

CATASTROPHE. The Thickens Plotz on the way to culmination.

Cue explanation of how the blazes the two worlds connect. 

Links are a sort of access holes between layers of reality. Only they're not portals, like, bing-bang-boom, I'm in Star Trek, drinking lite beer with Mr. Spock on Enterprise! They are all located in highlands and mountainous areas where human presence is sparse, the risk of human-triggered disasters is low, and the air is rarefied.

The Links are in fact entrances to and exits from a complex four-dimensional structure (3-D + time) similar to a massive honeycomb and called mosaic time structure. Earthlings know it all about one particular Link - Shambhala in Tibet. Only they have no idea how to find it, which is not surprising in view of lack of information and their inability of thinking outside this particular box.

Also, they have no idea it's a Link. They think it's a place, a pocket in the fabric of reality, a hidden cave... They spawn miscellaneous B.S. theories, and after a soul-searching expedition to Annapurna with whores and blackjack, write long-ass books about their search of the arcane. What they are ignorant of is the first law and rule of the Transarcane Clubthe speaker does not know, the knower does not speak.

All in all, there are seven Links connecting the Sol Vortex to Earth, and numerous others, at which point let me mention an

Important side effect.

All the doohickeys, bugaboos, whangdoodles from our favorite stories periodically sneak through Links to visit Earthlings,

a. -- inspiring myths, legends, and beliefs from Allah to Valhalla;
b. -- creating temporal mess, cause-and-consequence mess, just plain mess;
c. -- reincarnating as new humans;
d. -- taking over the world - I mean cats;
e. -- making Freud giggle in Devachan. Stephenie sleeps - Edward slips. Nuff said;
f. -- making psychiatrists filthy rich - imagine an innocent curious Vree crawling through a Link into a schizoid insomniac's bedroom. Ka-Jung!
g. -- being pretty much the answer to inane questions like "what inspired you to invent Quidditch, Ms. Rowling?"
    O.K., back to our pressure-building.

    --> Rob gets intel from Lena that someone is doing blood divination in Bucharest -->
    --> makes a detour and sings at the Roman Arenas while -->
    --> Gatie makes Rob's aide Sy drive her to wherever Lena is -->
    --> Rob catches up and feels his jaw drop as he sees Gatie controlling the situation -->
    --> by using Sciath Hannas, a purely Vortexian weapon -->
    --> cue negotiations with K'Ramol and his lover Ursi Pheairra the Blood Divinatrix -->
    --> who get their ass kicked and dispatched home as Rob opens the link -->
    --> but as he prepares to close the Link and get into the copter, Gatie....

    Culmination. Lovers separation alert!

    >>...Gatie stops him and tells him to go home,
    >> he refuses, because

    he is a romantic hero and the genre requires him to trade trifles like power, title, and immortality for luuuv,
    >> they sit down and talk,

    and, incidentally, we find out why Lord K'Ramol was so calm and smug while delivering the standard last "you will pay for this" words, this cute little detail meaning that

    >> KADE – the Kee-Axe Dark Empire – wants to colonize Earth and use its resources - solar energy, subsurface resources, weather, hydrosphere, biomass, blood of sentient beings etc.  - in order to leverage their positions in the new confrontation with LuAn <<

    >> but never mind; she
    >>loves him too much
    >> to let him stay,
    >> and she's the boss, so
    >> he has no choice but to obey the Creatress.
    >>cue tearjerking

    Part 2. Wow, this next section is so traditional! Well, I'm fighting a cold today and all I can muster are body fluid jokes; but I don't make those unless I must. Anyway.

    Part 2 is based on bona fide resources on Ancient Maya I unearthed during the research phase.

    ~~~ After Ascension from Ariser to Exceller i.e. Cluster 3 to Cluster 4 resident, and six months in a hell-on-wheels training base, Rob goes on related new mission avec sidekicks and new character.

    The golden thread of this part is the Mayan Calendar. Rob, Lena, Xellevar, and Kyone, an officer from Cluster 7, accompanied by several Luminite soldiers, transcend through the mosaic time structure or the honeycomb to a certain point in Earth's timeline. Yes, they can use the honeycomb structure to move along cells and end up in any moment of recorded Earth history... only in Gatie's present or past, of course.

    They go back thousands of years and present themselves as the infamous Four Jaguars to the Ancient Maya. They are infamous because they destroyed the tribe of  giants who allegedly populated Earth and threatened humans in the Jaguars' epoch. The Jaguars also give the Maya knowledge about time cycles.

    Their goal is to inform the Maya of the end of the world as a helluva scary thing i.e. the KADE invasion which, if successful, would strip Earth down to the last bit of resource. If it happens, Devachan will die, too, because without minds and imaginations there are no stories or gods.

    KADE warlords don't know and don't care. They are environmentally and culturally preconditioned to think about now and here, and after us the flood.

    Rob and his companions jump back to early 2013 to test the results of their mission.

    They see that the Mayan Calendar became a lame joke. Any version of the world ending causes nothing but "fail!" and "facepalm" reactions, eschatology is a pseudo science, and the alleged December 2012 end-of-the-world turned out to be a widely publicized media circus.

    The entire mission failed because some dunderhead (or Pheairra) in the Cluster 7 Kyl-anarin HQ decoded/encoded the Mayan and Luminite words and numbers wrongly. He also told the Jaguars' team the due Doomsday date was in December 2012, when it should be January 2015 - the year when KADE, according to the forecasts, goes from covert, intel, and infiltration ops to full-blown military deployment revealing themselves to Humans.

    Desperate to fulfill their mission by all means, the team starts thinking. Xellevar has an idea: jump back home, slide through the time honeycomb, visit the Apostle John on Patmos, and help him warn the humans about the Apocalypse.

    Only John, who turned out to be a drunken dirty goat herd very much like the one depicted in Burdened by Evil, understood... what he understood.

    Rob's team hoped to change the text he wrote, to make the warning more clear, but didn't make it. The time was up, and the feces-hitting-the-ventilator escalation of the conflict back home on Earth circa now and in the Vortex required their presence.

    And the Biblical text ended up being what it is... due to their involvement exactly.

    Rob returns to his home city of Wilwarin for some R&R because he is the one who suffered the most psychological damage after the giants genocide. Kyone goes back to HQ in Cluster 7. Lena and Xellevar remain on Earth to keep an eye on KADE Emissaries, and develop a love-and-hate relationship in the meanwhile.

    ~~~ Gatie commandeers one of her exes to entertain her in bed as she's busy training hard with shurikens and writing her boo-hoo-memoir, having no idea about the surprises I have in stock for her. Her brief interlude with Austin is depicted in the message to Rob from Lena.

    Epilogue. The Earth governments ignore the situation not because they are cookie-cutter morons - oh, the beloved stupid CIA officer trope! They just don't know what to make of disappearing corn fields (biomass), and do not care for disappearing Romanian Gypsy homeless children (blood divination). And how on earth can one distinguish Vortexians? Arrest people because they are beautiful? Or institute no-makeup policies to make KADE scaly skin be distinguishable at first sight?

    Also, the conflicting parties of the Vortex are preparing for war on several fronts, which is kinda stupid, but even the best were known to do it.

    Whoa! More cruxes - Gatie's perspective

    ```````What do you do when you move on, try to forget, start building another relationship, intimate if not romantic, and then you see again the one to whom you had given your Ring of Togetherness? And now - after forever is over - you would be ready to give it to him again, if only they weren't locked in a high-security safe box in Cluster 7 of the Vortex?

    ``````Moreover, what to do when you feel guilty for rushing to jump into bed with your ex? While the One came back so hardened by six months of training in a high-intensity war camp in Cluster 4 and a high-risk related mission, you barely recognize him as he is physically and psychologically a new man?

    ``````` Finally, how can you, aided only by a little gang of Luminites,  stop the forces of an Empire slithering through Links to Earth? Will you be able to leverage their only hope for a fighting chance - the bottleneck quality of the Links?

    Bottom line rub. The power of imagination, blah-blah; the power of choice and the power of belief, nah-nah; the power of togetherness and the power of goodbye, yadda-yadda.

    Next, please! Hi, Janet, would you like more series potential with your chumburger and French (writer) fries?

    Sample text.

    --- sample text here --- from Three Men in a Band

    P.S. The source, or should I say "The Fountainhead"? I've self-published Gatie's boo-hoo-memoir as a separate book, because, technically, it's not part of the Sol Vortex 2013-2015 story arc. It is called The True Story of the Vortex. The Conception Files. It is a 159,000-word first-person POV memoir of Gatie covering the events between meeting Rob and saying goodbye by the Link on the Muresh dam, as summarized by Rob in Part 1 of CONCEPTION-2013. Its place on the timeline is 2010. The book is available electronically or as print-on-demand... pretty much everywhere.

    Gatie's memoir serves as intro for the Sol Vortex 2013-2015 story arc and each separate installments' arcs. It completes rather than starts the series. This was just fine for the structure I had in mind during the - for want of a better word - conception of the series.  My paragon of perfect structure is Babylon-5 - the comparison is appropriate because its genre is TV novel in the first place. Five minor story arcs united within one major story arc. The prequel and the lateral stories are outside but related to the major story arc.