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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The first swallow of my blogger spring

"Is this an European swallow or an African swallow?" Monty Python would ask.

European currently nesting in Canada, but that fact is irrelevant.

Ability to swallow pride and move on: 100%

Three words on me: Writer. Technofantasy. Designer of worlds from scratch.

Sol Vortex and Transarcane are just two examples showing that I'm good at it.

My first Awakeners series story set both in Transarcane and on Earth. It is inspired by the Flier, a major Danube-Carpathian myth. For all that, Transarcane is still a brand-new world, and I created it.

Parental advisory: my fiction is in the 18+ category. So if your teenage daughter mentions something like wanting her boyfriend to be a Caelin and uses the words "erotic awakening", I would advise monitoring her reading more closely.

You will also find here articles on Social Media Marketing by me and my alter ego, the Metatag Hag. If you are a talent trying to learn promotion and self-marketing, the Influencer Marketing 101 series is your ticket (to a swimming-with-the-sharks cruise!)

More talk will be dedicated to my other fields of professional interest:

- Literary analysis
- Fates of publishing
- Commercial content writing
- Translations and terminology

Otherwise, it's

The Saturday Night Nerdvana Show!
The authorship of the word "Nerdvana" belongs to the creators of "The Big Bang Theory". Copyright notice pending.

We'll talk about:

- Books
- Languages and conlangs (like this one - Valyrio muño ēngos ñuhys issa!)
- TV and movies
- Comic books - although I am not a specialist; I'll have to rely on my fellow Nerds
- Computer and video games - same, although I know a thing or two about gameplay building
- Nerdvana trivia, autography, cosplay, collectibles etc.
- Conventions, roleplaying, and other gatherings
- Etc.


  • interested parties,
  • other citizens,
  • avid readers,
  • nerds and geeks,
  • "pro" men and women,
  • and, I daresay, fans:

You are at home here. Do whatever you like.

Sincerely yours,
Anastasia Stratu
(also known as Anastasia Duchevski, Metatag Hag, Arien, formerly known as Karmacoma)