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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Caelin the Flier, an Awakeners Novel. Foreword (fragment)

The shadows of the past swift stream across life's floor
The tale of all times, nothings that now exist no more
While the wind with clumsy fingers softly fumbles at the blind
And sadly spins the fibre of the story in my mind...
Eminescu, “Now Far I Am From You”
Who are you?

I am Ileana Kasimira Rhi Dorna of House Valaya. I am the only daughter of King Vlad VI and Queen Marika. Princess, heir of Valaya Domain, Seadune Qalifate, shore of Delroth… oh, hell. Never mind. Those are words in the wind. Meaningless titles, names of lands I will never rule.

I am scared. I am helpless. Lost in a world I will never understand.

Zamolxis Almighty, Lord of the Underworld, help me find my way...

What are you?

I am my father and mother’s daughter. King Bloodlust’s greatest pride. Queen Mantis’ greatest shame. Just another in a long line of crowned criminals.

I am the Starry Sapphire. When I am in Dragon form, my scales shine bright blue and white, and my eyes give off a rainbow glow.

What do you want?

I want my enemies dead. Dead. Ruined. Gone. All of them. Skulls crunching, eyes lifeless, flesh decomposing under my blue bejewelled slippers. I want to transform and drink their blood.

Yes, that’s right. Of course, in human form we abhor cannibalism. In our Dragon form, we… think less and go by our instincts. Drinking the blood of the enemy you just killed is an instinct as strong as mating.

Whom do you want?

I want Caelin, but he’s gone. He had Awoken me. He taught me lust, and I...

Read continuation on September 16, 2014 - the release date of "Caelin the Flier, an Awakeners Novel".